Monday, July 31, 2006

The Kustomonsters, Astrothrill and more!

And so what is it that I'm up to you ask? "The Kustomonsters and Friends"! Yes, a new anthology show from Cheeky Entertainment, featuring "The Kustomonsters", "Astrothrill", "Timbuktu" and "Woodstock Manor". "The Kustomonsters" retro Monster hot rod adventures will be supported by fun short subjects a la "The Bullwinkle Show" of the 60's. A fun and unique experience.

Here's a clip from the 10 minute Astrothrill animated short, inspired by the Cheeky Press comic book of the same name.

Also here's the infamous Astrothrill meets Fu Manchu music video featuring the Fu Manchu song "Downtown in Dogtown"!

Woodstock Manor is another short to be featured on the Kustomonsters show.

Timbuktu will be seen with the Kustomonsters as well!

Look for periodic updates here for this podcast, cell phone and internet show!

The Kustomonsters and Friends!

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