Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Kustomonsters Movie

Craig Clark's brand new Kustomonsters Movie is now complete and has been sent the Annecy animated film festival in Annecy France. Stay turned for screenings in the Los Angeles area coming soon! The Kustomonsters Movie An anthology compilation featuring Hot Rod hipster Mummy Daddyo from the U.S. syndicated late night TV show, The Kustomonsters, by animator-musican Craig Clark (Simpsons, Peanuts). The film includes various Kustomonster shorts: The Legend of Mummy Daddyo, Timbuktu, Astrothrill, and Woodstock Manor, featuring the voice of comedian John Byner. Anyway this is mostly a solo effort with films ranging from 2005 to the present. Done in flash, after fX and including some puppetry. I also did the majority of the voices and most of the music is from my bands over the past 30 years, so it's almost a life's work to date. Retro - underground for fans of early H and B, Jay Ward, local kids TV, and fantasy sitcoms, universal horror movies, drag racing... 80 minutes of fun for the whole family!