Monday, October 05, 2015

The Kustomonsters Movie now on Vimeo On Demand!

The Kustomonsters Movie, from the syndicated Kustomonsters TV show on AMGTV created by ex- Simpsons animator, Craig Clark. See Mummy Daddyo and his pals try to retrive their stolen gasoline from alien bandits. This solo anthology feature film also contains the shorts, Astrothrill, Timbuktu, and Woodstock Manor featuring the voice work of commedian John Byner and animator Craig Clark!

The Kustomonsters Movie from Craig Clark on Vimeo.

Brand New Lola and Dani Show comes to the web!

The brand new Cheeky Entertainment production, The Lola and Dani Show comes to the internet! Created by the creator of the Kustomonsters, Craig Clark, we follow the retro futurist sisters Lola and Dani as they play and make friends in their crashed UFO treehouse clubhouse! Enjoy the fun puppets, retro cartoons and more!