Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Kustomonsters on TV!

A TV station in Modesto CA will to run the Kustomonsters and Friends as a half hour show for twelve weeks starting in March! The Kustomonsters is a comedy variety show featuring kids horror host Mummy DaddyO as seen on and Several shorts are already completed, as well as some from Paul Vester, Chris Casady, Michel Gagne, Mark Kausler, Cliff Parrot, Mike Milo, Jessica Borutski, Matt Siditsky, Hayk Manukyn and others. Also some public domain old shorts and music videos are in the mix.

These films which I’ve produced thus far are; The Kustomonsters (Tombstone Birthday), Diggin with DaddyO (Macbeth, Nipsey Russell), Astrothrill, Timbuktu (Teaser), and various Mummy DaddyO puppet wraparounds and a few music videos. Also boarded are two more Diggin with DaddyO’s and three more Kustomonsters shorts. The special short for episode six, Woodstock Manor features the voicework of the legendary John Byner and his daughter Sandi Byner. The animatic is done, I’ll need help doing flash animation on that one. John Byner does the voice of Ed Sullivan, as he is the official voice of the Ed Sullivan Estate! Please contact me at if you would like to help, this will be high profile!

I am looking for other completed shorts and help doing flash animation! If it’s good and under 5 minutes, please contact me! Thanks!

Craig Clark