Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Kustomonsters TV Episode #5 now up and streaming

The fifth Kustomonsters is up and streaming at www.kustomonsters.com!
Watch live streaming video from kustomonsterstv at livestream.com

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Kustomonsters Episodes 3 & 4 Now Streaming

More from the Kustomonsters and Friends, the show from Craig Clark and Cheeky Entertainmnet! Enjoy!
Watch live streaming video from kustomonsterstv at livestream.com

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kustomonsters to air on Arizona TV

Kustomonsters on TV in Lake Havasu AZ! I've been alerted that the Kustomonsters episode #1 is airing on KLHU TV 45 in Lake Havasu Arizona. So far Sat. at 10pm and early Sunday mornings. See schedule for details! KLHU TV 45

Episode#3 should be done in a few days.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kustomonsters Full Episodes #1 and #2 Streaming

Check it out before it hits the airwaves. 52 minutes of cool and refreshing fun!
Watch live streaming video from kustomonsterstv at livestream.com

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kustomonsters coming to TV

The first 30 minute episode of The Kustomonsters and friends is finished and being reviewed at various TV stations. Look for the Kustomonsters in Arizona and California early this summer. More updates coming soon. The first episode had a very sucessful screening at the Pink Slip Animation Co-Op meeting at the Animation Guild in Burbank on April 18th. A good time was had by all!

Meanwhile you can help bring The Kustomonsters to the screen by making a donation through Indie-A-Go-Go!

These funds will cover voice talent, media stock (DVD'S), promotional posters and stickers, and shipping fee's to TV stations. All well as legal and clearance fees. And Mummy DaddyO toy prototypes.

$25 or more = Two Snaps!
A special invite to the Cheeky Entertainent production blog which includes the latest inside scoops on the production of The Kustomonsters and Friends!

$50 or more = Everything's Jake Kats!
VIP PERK 1 Plus - Your name in the trailing "Special Thanks" credits of a The Kustomonsters Episode. Receive a "Thanks" credit in film and a copy of the DVD

$100 or more = Straight from the Fridge!
VIP PERK 1 & 2 Plus- An Astrothrill comicbook/CD/DVD signed by Craig Clark. Receive a "Special Thanks" credit in the film and a signed (by the cast and director) copy of the DVD

$250 or more = Boss Monsterific!
VIP PERK 1,2 & 3 Plus- a Kustomonsters pilot episode storyboard by "Simpsons" animator Craig Clark, with Kustomonsters and Astrothrill stickers! Also Receive a "Associate Producer" credit in the film and a signed (by the cast and director) copy of the DVD and a Kustomonsters limited edition T-Shirt!

$500 or more = Supercharged Kusto Daddyo!
VIP PERK 1,2,3 & 4 Plus- a "Cheeky Pak", including an Astrothrill comic/CD/DvD set, Nemesister comics 1-6 signed, Chorus of Souls CD, and a Drumatic CD. Receive "Executive Producer" credit in the film and 5 each signed (by the cast and director) DVD copies of the film and Kustomonsters limited editions T-Shirts.

I'm a 32 year animation veteran with an early mentorship from Disney and UPA legends. My credits range from Forrest Gump to the Simpsons! It's time to finally bring my own cartoons to the world! Please help, get screen credit and more!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Shocking Development

Unfortunately The Kustomonsters show will not be airing on CVTV in Modesto CA in March, as their transmitter was permanently damaged by a lightening strike which has taken them off air. They will continue streaming their content online here...CVTV. Look for the Kustomonsters there in the future.

Meanwhile other TV markets have expressed an interest in airing our show including Los Angeles, Fresno CA, Seattle, Arizona and a new network! So stay tooned goblins and ghouls!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Kustomonsters on TV!

A TV station in Modesto CA will to run the Kustomonsters and Friends as a half hour show for twelve weeks starting in March! The Kustomonsters is a comedy variety show featuring kids horror host Mummy DaddyO as seen on PinkSlipanimation.com and Cheekypress.com. Several shorts are already completed, as well as some from Paul Vester, Chris Casady, Michel Gagne, Mark Kausler, Cliff Parrot, Mike Milo, Jessica Borutski, Matt Siditsky, Hayk Manukyn and others. Also some public domain old shorts and music videos are in the mix.

These films which I’ve produced thus far are; The Kustomonsters (Tombstone Birthday), Diggin with DaddyO (Macbeth, Nipsey Russell), Astrothrill, Timbuktu (Teaser), and various Mummy DaddyO puppet wraparounds and a few music videos. Also boarded are two more Diggin with DaddyO’s and three more Kustomonsters shorts. The special short for episode six, Woodstock Manor features the voicework of the legendary John Byner and his daughter Sandi Byner. The animatic is done, I’ll need help doing flash animation on that one. John Byner does the voice of Ed Sullivan, as he is the official voice of the Ed Sullivan Estate! Please contact me at roktoonz@aol.com if you would like to help, this will be high profile!

I am looking for other completed shorts and help doing flash animation! If it’s good and under 5 minutes, please contact me! Thanks!

Craig Clark

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Woodstock Manor features John Byner!

The next animated cartoon in the Kustomonsters and Friends cannon is a short film called Woodstock Manor. It features the vocal talents of the legendary John Byner and his daughter Sandi Byner. Recording and the animatics are complete, and design and animation are next. This cartoon will appear in a future Kustomonsters and Friends episode so look out for it on www.cheekypress.com and www.pinkslipanimation.com. Crazy Man!