Thursday, July 20, 2006

From The Duck Pond

As I mentioned earlier, it was a very influentional experience working with such seasoned and talented animation pro's so early in my career. Duck Soup was founded in 1972 by Duane Crowther and Roger Choiunard. In 1974, at age 14, I was taken under the wing of Duane, who was famous for his UPA commercials from the 50's and 60's, like this Hamms beer spot...

Duane also had the great fortune to apply his talents in 1968 on the Beatles "Yellow Submarine" feature. Probably due to his stylish and award winning UPA pedigree.

Also working around Duck Soup during the early 70's was Duane's friend, "Snow White" animator and "Betty Boop creator" Grim Natwick.

This was a great chance to get perspective and training in different styles and methods of animation. Besides handling Prince Charming on "Snow White", Grim handled very stylized work on UPA's "Rooty Toot Toot"

I later had the great fortune to be the assistant of 25 year Disney veteran Amby Paliwoda on many Duck Soup spots. This 1979 Tony the Tiger commercial for "Banana Frosted Flakes" was a two man job by Amby and I. Unfortunately the new flavor of flakes did'nt take with the public, as we still have the "classic" Frosted Flakes today.

Next time we'll explore more artists from early Duck Soup.

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