Friday, April 01, 2011

Kustomonsters to air on the AMGTV network throughout the U.S!

Starting Friday April 15th you can see the Kustomonsters in syndication on various over the air TV stations in 150 cities on the AMGTV Network. PST- 12:30 am, MT- 1:30 am, Central 2:30 am, Eastern - 3:30 AM! Check your area for listings!

The Kustomonsters is a high octane zany comedy take blending the 60’s “Kustom Car Kulture” of Ed Daddy Roth with the classic lovable spookiness of Hollywood horror monsters and vintage cartoons. Meet “Mummy DaddyO”, the friendly “horror host” lead hipster of this motley bunch from Horror Heights. His sidekick, “Butterball the Skeleton”, joins animated puppet DaddyO as he hosts the show from the Ends Ville Coffeehouse.

On each episode DaddyO and Butterball present a Kustomonsters cartoon along with other award winning animated shorts and cool music videos. The Kustomonsters cartoons feature DaddyO driving in his hot rod The Sarcofogaaas, while guzzling nitro java at "Rodzillas" the creepy carhop. Casting a spell on the lot is the sassy “Surf Witch” in her Witch Woody, followed by the howling werewolf “Moonwofly” in his classic 50’s Futura concept car. Closely leeching on to the bunch is the blood thirsty Countess, who cruises around in her Hissing Hearse looking for victims for a plasma withdrawal.

Also featured on the anthology show are Craig Clark’s (Simpson’s) cartoon shorts such as “Woodstock Manor,” featuring the voice work of world famous comedian John Byner, and “Astrothrill” featuring the voice of “West Wing’s” Rene Estevez (Charlie Sheen’s sister). A regular cartoon guest is the lonely Postman “Joe Dugan” by Mike Milo, and “Abo and Karo” by Hayk Manokyan. Award winning classic cartoons like “It’s the Cat” by Mark Kausler, “Sunbeam” by Paul Vester, “Prelude to Eden” by Michel Gagne, and “I Like Pandas” by Jessica Borutski will also be featured in the series. Also Mummy DaddyO Hot Rod car show interviews and music videos by Celldweller, Faith and the Muse, The Nymphs, Astrothrill and more!

Gear up for the knuckle dragger drag races, monster mash sock hops, creepy cruising, and fast and furious fun pushing the Wacky Races, through a Happy Days meets Road Runner blender! Fasten your seat belts for a wild ride through Kustomized high-speed horror kid show Monster Madness! All brought to you by Cheeky Entertainment LLC! Crazy Man!

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