Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Inside UPA

Tee Busustow, son of former UPA head the late Steve Busustow and Amid Amidi have published a new must have animation book, "Inside UPA". UPA animation flows through my artistic influences as both mentors Duane Crowther and Grim "Betty Boop" Natwick were UPA NY veterans who gave me some of my first animation pointers and lessons at age 14. The book is getting some rather glowing reviews like the following...

Chris Robinson, director of the Ottawa International Animation festival says....

“UPA were the Beats of animation. Like Kerouac,
Burroughs, Ginsberg and company, UPA rejected and
ignored the so-called rules of their art form and
created something fresh, mature, modern, and personal.
UPA was a haven for artists and thinkers, and just by
glancing through the marvelous collection of photos in
“Inside UPA”, it must have been a hell of an inspiring
and fun place to work. We need more studios like UPA,
and we need more books like this to celebrate the ball
breakers, ass kickers and risk takerswho came before

That's a good enough plug for me, AND Mummy DaddyO. Kool finger snaps all around!
Get your UPA book here

Proceeds will help fund the UPA documentary, "UPA: Mavericks, Magic & Magoo"produced by Tee Busustow, who was kind enough to interview me on his "Toon In to the World of Animation" podcast

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