Monday, August 21, 2006

More Sugar Frosted Nuggets from the 60's

Now before school, a "Hoppity Hooper" adventure was in order. It was another Jay Ward gem that was barely merchandised or remembered by many. Uncle Waldo, as it was known in syndication, was a trippy snake oil saleswolf who lead around hapless Filmore the bear, and an innocent boy frog, Hoppity Hopper. And yes, you got the Jay Ward Fractured Fairy Tales and Peabody and Sherman in the mix.

"Dennis the Menace" was in syndication in the 60's and 70's but is rarely seen today. Jay North did a great job as the nemesis to "Good 'Ole Mr. Wilson", giving him heart palpetations in every episode. "Where's my nerve medicine?'

Just for the theme song alone, "Super Chicken" will be remembered as part of the "George of the Jungle" show. "Tom Slick", (no relation to Grace) was also memorable. I remember a guy in my jr. High, Kirk Bachman had an animator dad, Bob Bachman who actually animated on the show....too cool!

Can't forget those Quisp and Quake commercials! Great spots for a cereal I did'nt eat. Jerry Lewis as an alien?

No VCR, no DVD, no Tivo. If you missed it, that was it, until reruns.

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Ron said...

I love these old classics!